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Equipment List Skitouring 


• Skitouring shells (GoreTex, Event, etc.)
• Primaloft or downjacket
• Fleece sweater
• Warm, functional underwear (also for legs) + extra for changing
• Ski touring socks (Falke, Smartwool, etc).
• Hat/beanie
• Gloves – for ascent (thin) and descent (thick, warm)
• Recommended: “Buff” or similar

Ski Setup:

• Touring skis (90-100mm in the middle are ideal) + bindings
• Ski touring boots, well-fitted
• Ski touring poles
• Touring bindings with stoppers (or, alternatively, with releasable leashes)
• Avalanche rescue kit – 3-antenna beacon, probe, shovel
• Skins
• Backpack 25 - 30 L – should allow for ski carriage
• Water (1.5 - 2 L) and lunch
• Thermos bottle
• Sport sun glasses and ski googles
• Sunscreen, incl. lip-protection
• Helmet
• Recommended:
  Ski crampons
  Camera (:

If you need to rent any equipment, or have questions about what to bring, get in touch 

ACMG Ski Guide 
CAA Level 3 


I am a Ski Guide certified by the Association of Canadian Mountan Guides (ACMG), based in Narvik/Norway and Tbilisi/Georgia, with several years experience of guiding in Northern Norway and the Caucasus.
I am also certified as Canadian Avalanche Association Level 3 avalanche technician. In addition, I have a background as sponsored ski mountaineer, with several first ski steep ski descents in the Caucasus, Pamirs and Tien Shan.

My mother tongue is German, and I happily guide in German, English or Norwegian. 

I also work as photographer: